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Graduate Programs in Sociology (M.A. and Ph.D. in Sociology)

Our faculty members are at the cutting edge of new thinking and research in the field of sociology and provide an stimulating intellectual environment for graduate students who are strongly encouraged to pursue their own sociological imagination without limit.

The graduate program at CAU particularly boasts about its specialty in three major areas of study ((1) Inequality and labor, (2) Family, gender and sexuality, (3) Culture, politics and social change) and its orientation towards global sociology. We have extensive and expanding global networks for academic cooperation with major countries in Asia, Europe and North America and hold regular international symposiums, colloquiums, and guest lectures by world-renowned scholars.
Required Courses
· Sociological Theory I
· Sociological Theory II
· Social Research Method
Core Courses in the Three Major Areas
+ Inequality and Labor
· Social Stratification and Social Class
· Comparative Social Systems
· Comparative institutions and policies
· Sociology of Labor
· Worker Solidarity
· Comparative Sociology of Labor Regime
· Industrial Relations
· Industrial Relations of Non-Standard Work in East Asia
· Labor Issues in the era of Globalization
· Current Issues in Labor Studies 1
· Current Issues in Labor Studies 2 : Labor Market Theories
· Inequalities in Health and Medical Care
· Sociology of Public Health

+ Family, Gender and Sexuality
· Sociology of Gender
· Sociology of Family and Care
· Seminar on Feminism
· Social Policy and Gender
· Methodologies for Gender Studies
· Gender and Sexuality
· Postcolonialism and Gendered Nationalism
· Feminist Culture Theories: Gender beyond Gender
· Comparative Gender Politics

+ Culture, Politics and Social Change
· Sociology of Culture
· Theory of Social Change
· Political Sociology
· Theories of Social Policy
· Civil Society and Social Movement
· Critique of Political Economy
· Studies in Visual Culture
· Seminar on Contemporary Chinese Society
Selected Elective Courses
· Social Statistics I
· Social Statistics II
· Sociological Research in Practice
· Welfare Society
· Comparative Sociology
· Social Organizations
· Social Policy and Gender
· Methods of Qualitative Social Research
· Social Change and Crises
· Practice in Social Survey
· Philosophy of Social Science
· Methodology of Qualitative Social Research
· Sociological Research in Practice
· Urban Sociology
· Economic Sociology
· Social History of Korea
· Ideology and Social Subject
· Social Institutions and Organizations
· Modern Social Thoughts
· Historical Sociology
· Lecture on Comparative Research