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Num Name Degree Year Thesis/Dissertation
53 Gao, Zhanyu M.A. 2017 The Network Society Management System in the Xi Jinping Era: Focusing on Internet Security, Public Opinion Guidance, and Grid Management
52 Kim, Sung Yoon Ph.D. 2017 Ideological Topography of ‘the Social’ : Historical Process and Discursive Order of Social Economy and Community
51 Ahn, Changhye M.A. 2016 Social construction of migrant groups in Korea : focusing on hierarchical gendering and racialization through classification of status of sojourn
50 Chen, Qiushi M.A. 2016 (The) analysis of attitude to marriage between Korean and Japanese women
49 Kim, Hye Min M.A. 2016 (The) character changes and implications of family policy after IMF : focusing on the healthy family act and all the practices(2003-2015)
48 Park, Sunyoung Ph.D. 2015 Internal Cleavages among Workers and Workplace Politics under the Neoliberal Restructuring
47 Kim, Eun-Kyung M.A. 2015 The Representation of Sexual Violence and the Reproduction of the Gender Order in the Media
46 Hwang, Kyu Hwan M.A. 2015 The Interaction between Formal Democratisation and the Student's Political Movements
45 Xu, Yun M.A. 2015 The Chinese Government’s Reflection of Internet Development Focusing on the Social Network Service (SNS) Weibo
44 Kim, Pansu Ph.D. 2014 Formation and Change of Gaizao System in Chinese Revolution
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