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Title 2016 TEEP Winter Camp in Taiwan
Writer 사회학과사무실 Date 2015.10.07 Hit 5444

2016 TEEP Winter Camp in Taiwan! 
Taiwan Experience Education Program (TEEP): Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Global Network Winter Camp 

Theme: “Decoding the Cold War and Facing Contemporary Societies” 

DATEJAN 11-15, 2016 

Course Design: 

 Colonial/Cold War Dis-Junctures: Migration and Memory 

 Cold War Knowledge Production 

 Democracy in the Asian Contexts 

 Democracy Projects 

 Neoliberal Cultural Production: Labor and Economy 

Field Trip: Urban Farming 
 Hui-Yuan Village and Tian-Yuan-Ching Workshop 





You can find the website information here:

If you have anyone you would like to recommend, please let me know. You can also let your student write to Wendy Huang ( directly.  We will accept him/her and let you know before the deadline.  I think it would be a very good opportunity for students from East Asia to get together and discuss issues related to the Cold War and contemporary societies.


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