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Name E-Mail Program Research Interests
Choi, Hee Sun sunnyfunny811 (at) Doctoral Social Inequality, Labor Market, Social Policy, Political Sociology
Jeong, Seong-Jo demonicsj (at) Doctoral Sexuality, Masculinities, Sexual Citizenship, Social Movement, Qualtitative Methods
LI SHUANG lishuangls1617 (at) Doctoral Gender, Family, mordern East Asian societies
Baek, JoYeon bjyeon1228 (at) Doctoral Queer and feminism theory, feminist epistemology, queer history, queering identity
Kim, Hyeon-Ah ahaetm (at) Doctoral Social Care, Aging, Gender
Kang, Hye-kyung hyeg.kang (at) Doctoral Sociology of culture
Jeon, Nu-ri slhs8 (at) Doctoral Political Sociology, Social Movements
Kim, Eunkyung witheunk (at) Doctoral Social Class, Gender, Youth, Family
Ryu, Hanso haveasayinthematter (at) Doctoral Mental Illness, Medical Sociology, Sociology of Emotions
Moon, Soo Youn symoon7858 (at) Doctoral Social Class, Gender, Labor Market, Social Reproduction
Furuhashi, Aya ayamaria1027 (at) Doctoral Colonialism, Gender/Sexuality
Lee, Joo-hwan deadend1031 (at) Doctoral Labor Relation
Song, Rira miffl (at) Doctoral Mental Health, Health Inequality, Life Course
Kong, Ju kongju (at) Doctoral Social Inequality: Class, Gender and Health, East Asia, Comparative Sociology
Hong, Suk-Bum sukbum0214 (at) Doctoral Labor Sociology, Industrial Sociology
Yun, Sun-Mi delicatly (at) Doctoral Gender/Sexuality, Genealogy of Korean Sexuality
Yim, Joon Taeg jakason (at) Doctoral Industrial Relationship, Labor Welfare
Lee, Ha-young greenhy81 (at) Doctoral Gendered Sexuality, Women's Movement
Yi, Sang-Hoon satm91 (at) Doctoral Labor Sociology, Labor Movement
Ahn, Tae Eon xodjs984 (at) Master's Political Sociology, Youth movements
Kim, Jun Ho phronesis12 (at) Master's Feminism Theory, Gender, Sexuality, Social psychology
Cho, So Yeon gofl60 (at) Master's Gender, Sexuality, Queer
Park, JaeSeung jaeseung1993 (at) Master's A Youth Social Movement, Feminism Social Network
Chang, SeongHyun sung7365 (at) Master's nterested in political sociology, governmentality
Chae, Hye-In rhfo0822 (at) Master's Gender, Family
Choi, Go-Hun truthsoloud1013 (at) Master's Gender, Family
Jang, SoJeong sojeong2468 (at) Master's Asian gender & Sexuality System, Trans-National Feminism Movement & Qualitative Methods
Park, Dong-Yul barkdr (at) Master's World System Analysis
Park, Sihyun w_you_ (at) Master's Feminism theory, Queer and Gender/Sexuality
Kim, Jinhyun (at) Master's Interested in Development Sociology, Economic Sociology, Platform Economy, Money Theory, and Universal Basic Income.
Kim, Kyungmin oioou.08oti (at) Master's Interested in feminism. Specifically, I want to study qualitative research or quantitative research that is the inequalities of non-married women, especially young people and women in their twenties.
GUOFEIQI vickey (at) Master's China and Korea Society 、Economic sociology
Kang, suk nam kim3soo91 (at) Master's Social Change
Kim, Woosik kws1212 (at) Master's Inequality, Labor movement, Precarious worker
Gim, Jimin vivid811 (at) Master's Disability, Health inequality, Medical system
Cho, EunHye byoeleye (at) Master's Social Change, Civil Society and Social Movements, Social Inequalities, Policy Discourse, Political Sociology
Kim, Soyeon rlathdus5708 (at) Master's Sexual violence against women in online spaces
Shin, Jaesol ysys143 (at) Master's Historical Sociology, Economic Sociology, Political Economy, Sociology of Banking and financing, Developmental State
Kim, Hangyul hangyul910 (at) Master's Citizenship, Education of Citizenship, Political Sociology, Sociology of Education
Jeong, Seongjo demonicsj (at) Master's Gender/Sexuality, Queer
Hwang, Yerang yrcomm (at) Master's Social Inequality, Class, Labor market, Social Policy
Lee, Jinsoo ttyjslee (at) Master's Gender/Sexuality
Lee, HeeYoung distract0218 (at) Master's Governmentality, Masculinity, Adulthood
Ko, Minkyong gravity131 (at) Master's Sexuality, Medical sociology, Social psychology
Choung, Yong-Lim sungc93 (at) Master's Gender/Sexuality, Queer
Jeong, Jihye kkrt21 (at) Master's Gender Politics, Globalization, Migration
Lee, Sang sang940416 (at) Master's Social Inequality, Poverty, Political Philosophy, Social Policy, Gender
Kim, Sang-Woo hirots (at) Master's Power, Ideology, Silence, Collective Memory
Seo, Junsang panic423 (at) Master's Political Economy
Kim, Hanna hannakim4300 (at) Master's Labor Market, Social Inequality
Han, Jeong-tak recoba1 (at) Master's Gender, Sexuality, Masculinity, (Culture, Suicide, Time-Space, Postcolonialism)
Hwang, Na-ri hikaling (at) Master's Gender & Sexuality, Suicide, Social Trauma
Baek, Jo Yeon BaekJoYeon (at) Master's Gender, Sexuality, Queer
Kim, Jin-Du sartre68 (at) Master's Labor Politics, Labor Movement Revitalization, Industrial Relations
Kang, Tae-su ktsfrank (at) Master's Culture, Social Movement, Social Inequility
Chun, Yongsung hotelafrika (at) Master's Culture, Music, Labor
Hong, Ye-seul hongys891001 (at) Master's Gender Politics, Labor, Health Inequality
Hong, Bo-ram silbaram9 (at) Master's Culture, Ideology, Queer theory&Politics
Jeon, Young-eun na6730193 (at) Master's Social Change
Lee, Youhee 7doityh7 (at) Master's Culture, Social Solidarity, Individualization, Identity
Bae, Hye-ryung itsikishoi (at) Master's Culture, Ideology
Bae, Eunkyoung hoibek (at) Master's Social Inequality, Poverty
Ahn, Hyungjin wwwahncom (at) Master's Urban Poverty
Choe, Seokhyeon miley7990 (at) Master's Social Change, Science & Technology
Kang, Minjung kangmj0102 (at) Master's Industrial Relationship
Kim, Seungman ksm11036 (at) Master's Social Change, Historical Capitalism, Critique of Political Economy