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Num Name Degree Year Thesis/Dissertation
69 Lee, Hee Young M.A. 2020 The Birth of Prematurity
68 Seo, Jun Sang M.A. 2020 Institutional Legacies and Political Strategies in South Korean Welfare Politics
67 Kim, Chang Min M.A. 2020 Accumulated Inequality through Life-Course and Poverty Risk in the Elderly
66 Gim, Ji Min M.A. 2020 Gendered System and Practice of Tuberculosis Control in Korea during the 1960s and 1970s
65 Hong, Ye Seul M.A. 2018 Possibilities and Limitations of Gender Role Norms through the Experience of Male Caregiving Participation
64 Jeong, Bo Yeong M.A. 2018 Youth Precariat Movement and Discourse Politics
63 Baek, Jo Yeon M.A. 2018 Anti-Sexual Minorities Discourses Constructed by Korean Conservative Protestant Churches
62 Kong, Ju Ph.D. 2018 A Comparative Study of Social Inequality in South Korea and Japan
61 Park, Hyun Mi Ph.D. 2019 Study on Gendered Trade Unions and the First Generation of Women Workers during the Developmental State
60 Kang, Tae Su M.A. 2019 Comparison of life experiences of participants and opponents of truth-clarification campaign for Sewol Ferry
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