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Undergraduate Program in Sociology (B.A. in Sociology)

The undergraduate program at CAU aims to train young generations in the various fields of sociology well equipped to understand the complex nature of modern societies. Students are strongly encouraged to study diverse areas and perspectives of sociology and to become a specialist with both expertise and experiences in their respective field.

We offer a wide and stimulating range of coursework at the undergraduate level, and Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology requires students to complete core courses and additional elective courses in the department.
Core Courses
· Introduction to Sociology
· Social Problems
· Social Research Methods
· Social Statistics
· History of Sociology
· Contemporary Sociological Theories
· Modern Society and Women
Selected Elective Courses
· Inequality and Stratification
· Industrial Sociology
· Sociology of Family
· Introduction to Women’s Studies
· Body and Sexuality
· Social Change and Future Societies
· Sociology of Visual Culture
· Civil Society and Social Movement
· Introduction to Sociological Imagination